Data Analysis and Metadata Modeling

BrainTrust data analysts are puzzle solvers. Got a haystack of data? They’ll find the needle. Through steady, methodical, practical reasoning and many years experience, these analysts can make sense of what appears random to the untrained eye. Once discovered, BrainTrust analysts will document findings and can model the structure that they have defined.

This model can be used to characterize this data for summarization, sorting, storage/retrieval, or activating some business rules. Capturing a complete model of data describing data, is the art of Metadata Modeling.

Data Analysis and Metadata Modeling tasks:

  • Data analysis
  • Data conversion, parsing
  • Content reporting
  • Data and Metadata modeling
  • Optimization for transmission and storage
  • Routing and complex event processing

“BrainTrust is a small company with a fun culture. They have monthly happy hours, provide free tickets to many local sporting events, and host other events for employees to come together. The management team is always available and approachable, whenever you have questions or concerns.”

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BrainTrust gives you the ability to work on prime vehicles, but with a small company feel. There’s a large variety of work, and they never shy away from letting the staff move to new opportunities and learn new skills. The management team is there to support you but gives the freedom to solve challenges and support your client without overwhelming oversight. There are a lot of company activities to participate in if you wish. The benefits are great.”

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