Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a paradigm that allows commodity hardware to be used in parallel to provide super-computer level resources for modest costs to process and analyze massively large data sets.

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Mission Operations and Deployment

How many companies can take a product from concept to operating on site half way around the world? BrainTrust engineers design, build, and deploy systems to function is harsh, real-world environments.

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Systems Engineering

At BrainTrust we value the art of Systems Engineering. We have deep technical understanding of our problem domains, which enables us to build working solutions for our customers.

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Data Analysis and Metadata Modeling

BrainTrust data analysts are puzzle solvers. Got a haystack of data? They’ll find the needle. Through steady, methodical, practical reasoning and many years experience, these analysts can make sense of what appears random to the untrained eye.

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Software Design and Development

Custom software development is a matter of trust. Our clients are exposing their most sensitive business data to our software development experts.

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