Employee Testimonials

In Their Own Words

See what our employees have to say about why they enjoy working at BrainTrust

Small Company Feel

“BrainTrust gives you the ability to work on prime vehicles, but with a small company feel. There’s a large variety of work, and they never shy away from letting the staff move to new opportunities and learn new skills. The management team is there to support you, but gives you the freedom to solve challenges and support your client without overwhelming oversight. There are a lot of company activities to participate in if you wish. The benefits are great.”

Above Market Salaries

“The salary is way above market value for the industry we are in. The interview was a two-way discussion about where I want to go in my career and solving scenario-based real-world problems on the spot. The on-boarding process was very easy for someone who doesn’t speak HR. The biggest benefit here at BT is the culture. I spent over 2 weeks working in the back-office on a proposal before I went on contract and noticed that everyone works hard, has fun, and is very laid back all at once. There is no tension or passive aggression that other companies have. The quality of work is top-notch and before joining BT I did not think it would be possible to be so productive and effective while having so much fun at the same time.”

Everyone Cares About Everyone

“First and foremost, the culture. Everyone cares about everyone. And even if you’re not the right fit here, they will gladly help you search for other opportunities in the industry. I was lucky to have many job offers however as soon as I sat down and talked to the leadership and co-workers at BrainTrust, I felt like I was in the right place and it has only gotten better every single day. I feel like I’m closer to the “fight” than I felt in my last four tours in the military (staff and leadership positions). Secondly, their reputation. The “bigs” are beating down the door to partner with us. That is due to their high-performance team – they only choose the “best” employees to work here. They’re not just “filling seats.” They’ve earned their rep and they’re aware that they need to protect it. We do work hard around here, but when it’s time to play, BrainTrust leads the industry again. Between the happy hours, the Ravens games, Capitals games, ski trips, and so much more, you get a chance to really come together as a team. I did my due diligence before joining – I couldn’t find one person to say anything bad about BrainTrust. I can now see why.”

Focused on Excellence

“Braintrust is a company¬†focused on providing excellence to their customers – both in human capital and business opportunity.

As an employee of Braintrust for nearly three years, I can testify that Braintrust has never treated me less than or that there was ever any problem whose solution was outside of my reach. It is obvious that Braintrust knows the value of the individual and the part they play in the larger machine.

You will not find another contracting company that has as many benefits as Braintrust with a CEO who can walk around at a corporate event and address you by name.

I hope that my family will continue to be a Braintrust family for a long time.”