Ryan OrrPortfolio Lead

  • BS, Software Engineering, University of Maryland University College
  • AA, Computer Science, Community College of the Air Force
  • Certified Ethical Hacker

Who is Ryan Orr? Understanding the answer to such a question is to stare directly into the maw of madness itself. Little is known of Ryan’s origin – but there are whispers that he was forged from the core of a dying star, in a distant galaxy, at an undetermined moment in time. Part engineer, part international playboy – when Ryan isn’t performing his duties as Superman’s stunt double or consulting Elon Musk on how to build a death star he’s slinging as much code as possible.

In 2012 Ryan participated in the most perfect double high five in recorded history. The ripple effects of which caused the historic stock market run of the last four years. Later that year he threw the dart that caused Matt Kessler to become a level 9000 ninja.

Facts about Ryan:

  • Built and sold a music review blog in 2002 and a Starcraft Tournament website for unofficial maps in 2003
  • Caught all of the original Pokemon
  • Military veteran with 10+ years of IC experience
  • Once ate two chipotle burritos in a row


(Editor: Ryan is clearly humorous and clever.  He is a tremendous asset to us at BrainTrust and is among our top software developers and a true leader in helping to grow our business smartly.)

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