Ceil PaulDirector of Staffing

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  • Senior Technical Recruiter
  • Department Director
  • 20+ Years of Building Strong Relationships

Ceil has been working in Government Contracting since the late 1990’s, building strong relationships and networks.  As a trusted broker of top technical staff, Ceil has a unique relationship in the industry, enabling her to bring the right work to the right people.  Making that perfect fit is her specialty.

Ceil supports Military Transition Assistance through programs like ACAP and TAP.  She works with the Wounded Warrior program to raise money and help transition wounded warriors back to the workforce – supporting their comrades in the field.

She gives back to the community in several ways, supporting AFCEA in their efforts to promote STEM through education and scholarship programs.    She also is a co-founder of a Recruiter Network that helps people find positions – even if one is not available at BrainTrust.

Her goal is to always work ethically with integrity and transparency.  Being honest and looking out for a candidate’s best interest, makes her successful and keeps candidates coming back for their job placement needs.

Ceil joined BrainTrust in 2017 as the Director of Staffing.

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“I have worked with the BrainTrust leadership team for over 10 years. In all cases, they have been very professional and always had the customer’s best interest in mind. I look forward to continuing to work with the BrainTrust team in the future.”

Rick Havrilla
CTO, CollabraSpace