Software Design and Development

Custom software development is a matter of trust. Our clients are exposing their most sensitive business data to our software development experts.  We are close partners with our customers and we build trust over years and within a climate of ethical and honorable business practices.

At BrainTrust, we are professional, capable developers. We know industry best practices and build security into every product as a matter of course. We are trusted by the U.S. Government to work on some of their most sensitive systems, and we pride ourselves on our work. BrainTrust is a name that you can trust for your custom software development. Trust is in our name.

Expertise in Java, C/C++, C#, Ruby, Python, Perl, Go, Scala, Objective C, Clojure, Javascript, PHP

Our services at a glance:

  • Secure data access via Web / Thick-Client software
    • Provide solutions that protect client data and communication at every level of the stack.
    • Deploy various encryption techniques, network security tools, and user authentication/authorization mechanisms.
  • GUI development – Rich interactive user experiences in a variety of front-end solutions, including mobile, web, and rich clients.
  • Multi-threaded data processing – Highly performant concurrent software.
  • System integration, workflows, messaging, business rules
    • Building out middle tier solutions using various messaging techniques and developing customer workflow solutions.
    • Work closely with customers to implement business rules quickly.
  • Data parsing, filtering, storing, retrieval.
  • Cloudifying client and server apps
    • Building out distributed analytics using a variety of cloud/distributed computing technologies.
    • Develop highly available distributed systems that allow for minimal downtime.
    • Implement distributed machine learning algorithms which allow for deep learning analytics.
  • Data backup, Disaster recovery systems

“I have worked with the BrainTrust leadership team for over 10 years. In all cases, they have been very professional and always had the customer’s best interest in mind. I look forward to continuing to work with the BrainTrust team in the future.”

Rick Havrilla
CTO, CollabraSpace

“I’ve always been impressed with the BrainTrust’s ability to understand technology options and deliver the right solution to different problems.”

Charlie Sciabarra
President, Sciabarra Consulting Corp.
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