Database Design and Optimization

Whether you are designing a system with storage requirements or are struggling with an over-taxed legacy system, BrainTrust can help. Our expert engineers can design a system that will fit your needs and budget.

We can customize a solution that will allow you to scale as your data requirements grow. With security always in mind, we will define the various layers of data security with authentication and authorization checks at each level.  In anticipation of future needs, we will attempt to generalize the software-to-datastore interface, avoiding tight coupling and allowing both systems to grow and evolve.

Database design tasks:

  • Data store analysis and design
  • Database analysis and tuning
  • Data store interface definition
  • Scalability planning
  • Multi-level security modelling
  • Product specific code support (e.g. PL/SQL)
  • Data source administration and metrics
  • Software design/review
  • Resource pooling and clustering

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BrainTrust gives you the ability to work on prime vehicles, but with a small company feel. There’s a large variety of work, and they never shy away from letting the staff move to new opportunities and learn new skills. The management team is there to support you but gives the freedom to solve challenges and support your client without overwhelming oversight. There are a lot of company activities to participate in if you wish. The benefits are great.”

BrainTrust Employee
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